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Don’t just do it, nail it.

It’s a brand new day in wall-panel production, with a whole new way of doing things better.

Say hello to Terminailer®, a revolutionary, event-driven, nailing machine that completely defies any preconceived notions about sub-component assembly.

Terminailer all but shatters the stereotypical myth that…

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House of Design

House of Design provides automated material delivery machinery to the wood component industry.  They can provide flexible solutions that work with your new or existing assembly equipment, and the modular nature of their stations allows for increasing levels of automation that can be added when you’re ready.  Their products include:

  • Pre-plating station
  • Plate picking station
  • Buffer (conveyor) systems
  • Automated piece placement
  • Custom automation applications, including robotics
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DAK Automation

ProStack is the best way to safely stack completed wall panels coming off the production line.  Since the panels are moved from the bottom edges, the panel is never at head height and the mechanical lift system minimized access for fingers being injured during the stacking cycle.  ProStack is able to stack on-center layers of wall panels with multiple wall segments, including forklift pockets.

First introduced in 2021, ProStack is the proven design for wall panel facilities with options for stacking wall panels with up to 18″ overhanging sheathing, powered infeed, tilt infeed for quickly checking and correcting “shiners”, and powered outfeed.

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Panels Plus

Panels Plus offers an expanding line of wall panel equipment for faster, more efficient production. Consider Panels Plus wall panel assembly equipment if you are going to produce:

  • Wood wall panels:  framing, squaring, sheathing tables with various bridge options.
  • Steel wall panels:  framing, squaring, sheathing tables with various bridge options.
  • Floor panels:  flexible panel lengths and…
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Monet DeSauw

Monet DeSauw is an independent manufacturing company that provides the structural component industry with fast, high-quality saws and material handling equipment. The computerized models are the only saws in the industry that have the option to run in “manual” mode. The complete line of Monet models include:

  • DeRobo Linear Saw: optimizing linear saw with…
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When building roof trusses (wall panels, floor trusses, or floor panels too), complicated setups compound labor costs and affect your bottom line.  With a Truss Projection System from SL-Laser, every setup is simplified with laser light templates. An accurate, full-scale 1:1 image of each truss is projected on the table to set chords, webs, and nail plates…

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Hundegger USA

The Hundegger Turbo Drive II saw is a fast, accurate, and versatile fully automated linear saw specifically designed to cut structural component parts.  Hundegger continues to stretch the cutting capabilities of our industry by providing a single saw with options that can perform basic drilling, milling, and printing operations in addition to 5-axis cutting. The Turbo Drive…

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Builders Automation Machinery (BAM)

Builders Automation Machinery Company (BAM) builds and installs the finest and most versatile automated equipment available for producing pre-hung doors and prefabricated stairs.  Both product lines are engineered to be modular, so you can start with a basic machine and add options as your business grows.  The product line includes:

  • CNC stair machines.
  • Wedge cutting…
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The Hain Company

As machine maintenance and development specialist for a large California component manufacturer, Leonard Hain became determined to create equipment that was “bullet-proof” in a high-volume shop. Leonard’s passion is to build and race vintage dragsters “rails” on the west coast. When passion meets need, the end result is detail-oriented machinery that is simple, efficient, and durable with…

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RENEW Plastics

Perma Poly-Board: The industry’s longest lasting nailable production surface.

Now is the perfect time to replace those worn table tops with: Perma-Poly Board, the LONGEST LASTING, MOST COST-EFFECTIVE nailable production surface available anywhere, at any price…period!

Still not sure? Give any of these fabricators a call and ask them about their…

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Safety Speed Manufacturing

With more than 40,000 units built to date, Safety Speed Manufacturing sets the standard and ensures the best possible solution for one-person cutting of sheathing be it plywood, OSB, Zip Wall, or soft insulated material.  Whether you’re just starting in panels and need a budget conscious solution such as the H-Series or an industrial workhorse such as the…

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4Ward Consulting Group

Ben Hershey is a dynamic executive leader with more than 25 years of experience in structural wood/metal manufacturing, green products, and automotive aftermarket distribution. His experience has been with both public and private companies, with regional and national presence.

Ben has proven lean manufacturing, analytical, operational, and communication skills which are instrumental when applied…

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Northfield Machinery Builders, Inc.

Northfield under table/up-cut saws. These saws are semi-automatic, air-actuated, under-table cutoff saws for 90 degree cutting of wall panel components. The blade remains in the heavy sheet steel base until the guard has the raw material clamped. The guard remains clamped through the cut cycle until the blade is back in the base. This protects the operator…

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