Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

One of our customers won’t be at this year’s BCMC Show.  Turns out the show is the same week as the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico and they are one of the fiesta’s sponsors.  That’s their logo on one of the balloons.  This is a pretty big local event.  Back in 2019 there were 588 balloons, 671 pilots and over 867,000 attendees.

Allen-Lambe House, Wichita, Kansas

One of our customers told us of this Frank Lloyd Wright project found in the College Hill section of Wichita, Kansas.  We had no idea it existed and decided to check it out while still in town.

The Mushrooms of Seville (Las Setas de Seville)

Also known as the Metropol Parasol, it’s hard to believe that a structure this light and curvy can be almost 500 feet long, span 230 feet across, 85 feet tall and still be made of wood.  The structure is not feasible without Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) along with the polyurethane coating that protects the timber from the weather.  It is now one of the signature images of Seville, Spain.

Skyscraper or PlyScraper?

This is the Mjorsarnet Tower, located an hour north of Oslo, Norway (the name of the tower is spelled with letters that I don’t have on my keyboard;  sorry Norwegians…).  It is temporarily the tallest wood structure in the world at 280 feet.  It features 18 stories of apartments, office space and a hotel.

What’s In a (New) Name?

Wood Tech Systems is the new trade name for independent manufacturers’ rep firm Wood Truss Systems, Inc. of Muncie, Indiana. (Wood Truss Systems, Inc. will continue as the encompassing corporate name for administrative purposes.) The change comes as the company continues to grow its business as a premier supplier of wood component equipment and coincides with the unveiling of its updated website.

Notre Dame de Paris Update

Notre Dame de Paris Update: Here are a couple of recent shots showing the repairs to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Progress is slow due to the discovery of weak walls that formerly supported the wood roof structure and the loving but painstaking process of documenting all the historic decorative stonework.

Bottom Line for a Stronger Employee Foundation

To find and keep an office support staff, SBCA’s Truss Knowledge Online is simply too valuable an opportunity to pass up. Allow me to explain…
I was exposed to the structural building components industry from a very young age as a result of my father, Jay Halteman and my grandfather, Bob Halteman and their business, Wood Truss Systems.

Primer for Wall Panels, Part 2

In the first part of the Primer for Wall Panels, we discussed the fundamentals of wall panel production and how they may figure into your wood component business.  In summary, we asked the reader to remember that wall panels were built for decades with little more than a blueprint, carpenter’s square, a hand saw, and a “can do” attitude.  In closing part one, we stressed that before you invest in wall panel production you should consider some of our basic criteria and ground rules:

Primer for Wall Panels, Part 1

What’s different about manufactured wall panels today is the use of software analysis and design and the growing shortage of skilled, field-framing crews.  This combination of improved capability and growing need is combining in the market place to create opportunity.  The growing demand for wall panels is being driven by the builder’s desire for systems to install rather than sticks to be measured and cut in the field. 

Wood Truss Systems, Inc. Launches a Fully-responsive New Website

Wood Truss Systems, Inc has just launched a brand new website and we’re thrilled to share it with the wood component industry.  This process has been ongoing since the plan was hatched back in November of 2014.  Since then we have developed new content including an evolved logo, great new photography from professional Jamey Guy and a few shots from our in-house talent Joe Halteman.