The Mushrooms of Seville (Las Setas de Seville)

Also known as the Metropol Parasol, it’s hard to believe that a structure this light and curvy can be almost 500 feet long, span 230 feet across, 85 feet tall and still be made of wood.  The structure is not feasible without Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) along with the polyurethane coating that protects the timber from the weather.  It is now one of the signature images of Seville, Spain.

The project’s intent was drastically changed when ancient Roman and Moorish ruins were found during initial excavation of the site.  The redesigned project was then broken down into five main levels:  an Antiquarium below street level, which is a museum housing the ruins and artifacts, a farmer’s central market at street level with levels 2, 3 and Roof housing a combination of restaurants, bars, scenic terraces and plazas.

The architect, Jürgen Mayer, said that the design plays off of the multi-level shape and color of stone found in the nearby Cathedral of Seville, combined with the repeating leaf pattern found in local Ficus trees.  I think there may also have been lots of Spanish wine involved in the design process…

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