Wood Truss Systems, Inc. Launches a Fully-responsive New Website

Wood Truss Systems, Inc has just launched a brand new website and we’re thrilled to share it with the wood component industry.  This process has been ongoing since the plan was hatched back in November of 2014.  Since then we have developed new content including an evolved logo, great new photography from professional Jamey Guy and a few shots from our in-house talent Joe Halteman.  We have even incorporated some old archived slides from the 50’s taken by our founder, Bob Halteman.

The new website is fully-responsive which means that it looks great on all screen sizes, including mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and even an Apple watch for that matter. It also features a refreshed, modern design and a more user-friendly structure that searches equipment in a more intuitive manner.  

You can search new and used equipment easily (even on mobile!) and access information any time day or night and on any device.  If you are looking for a floor-truss machine you will see all available options from all categories.   We also have made the site a better resource for downloading available information including PDF documents.

Like anything new it will take some time to get used to it and there are a few items that still need a little work.  For now take a look around and give us feedback on the new website. Let us know how you like it and of course how we can serve you.