The Hain Company

As machine maintenance and development specialist for a large California component manufacturer, Leonard Hain became determined to create equipment that was “bullet-proof” in a high-volume shop. Leonard’s passion is to build and race vintage dragsters “rails” on the west coast. When passion meets need, the end result is detail-oriented machinery that is simple, efficient, and durable with no excuses; simply “done right”.

  • Hain Measuring System.
  • Hain Sub-Component Nailing Station.

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Sean Ream
R&R Components, Inc.
York, Penna.
717.792.4641 ext. 221
Measuring System
Shawn Pell
Timberland Lumber
Brazil, Indiana
Measuring System

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Wood Truss Systems, Inc. (765) 751-9990

Jay Halteman: (765) 744-1516

Joe Halteman: (765) 748-0332

Jim Mavrakes: (817) 291-4999

Equipment for sale:

New Hain MEA 20 Foot Measuring Device

Hain Company model HC 1220 measuring device. Moves from 1 foot to 60 feet length in seconds. Fits any chop or pull saw. Twenty foot long system, accurate within

Condition: New
Location: CA