The Hain Company

As machine maintenance and development specialist for a large California component manufacturer, Leonard Hain became determined to create equipment that was “bullet-proof” in a high-volume shop. Leonard’s passion is to build and race vintage dragsters “rails” on the west coast. When passion meets need, the end result is detail-oriented machinery that is simple, efficient, and durable with no excuses; simply “done right”.

  • Hain Measuring System.
  • Hain Sub-Component Nailing Station.

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Sean Ream
R&R Components, Inc.
York, Penna.
717.792.4641 ext. 221
Measuring System
Shawn Pell
Timberland Lumber
Brazil, Indiana
Measuring System

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Wood Truss Systems, Inc. (765) 751-9990

Jay Halteman: (765) 744-1516

Joe Halteman: (765) 748-0332

Jim Mavrakes: (817) 291-4999

Equipment for sale:

New Hain SCN 6 Sub-Component Nailing Station

The new Hain Sub Component Nailer (SCN 6) substantially speeds the cumbersome task of building wall panel sub-components like trimmers (built two at a time), stud-block-stud channels and variations of…

New Hain Stud Drilling Station

The Hain Company’s new Stud Driller substantially reduces labor cost drilling studs for running romex or other electrical wire in wall panels. The Hain new Stud Driller can also be…

New Hain MEA 20 Foot Measuring Device

The Hain Company model HC 1220 measuring device moves from 1 foot to 20 feet length in seconds, fits any upcut saw, chop saw or pull saw. Twenty-foot-long system, accurate…