New Hain Company Micro Mini Measuring System



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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, portable measuring system, then the Hain Micro Mini measuring system is your answer.  The Micro Mini attaches to your existing chop-saw and stand, as an add-on.  It is lightweight, strong, compact and easy to move.  The Micro Mini changes from one selected length to another quickly and easily, while remaining accurate.  Available in 80 inch and 160 inch models, it is intended for finish carpentry, but works well for other tasks.  First-time users are highly productive very quickly.

The Micro Mini joystick control acts as both a positioner and locking device with a smooth motion and firm locking action.  Base system included the Micro Mini device, universal mount with adjusting bolts, material stops and cantilevered table with adjustable legs.  Legs provide 6 inches of adjustment, in half-inch increments.  A permanent bench mounted model is also available.

See the videos below:


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