TruStance Portable Field Repair Press



This is the first, self-contained, truly portable FRP unit used to press metal truss plates into dimensional lumber at virtually any location. Wood component (roof and floor truss) manufacturers, as well as builders, frequently require a tool to repair metal plate connected, wood truss components. The complete unit is mounted to a wagon built from square tubular steel. Extremely compact at only 28” wide and about 32” long the wagon features four wheels on soft-rubber solid tires, and a steering axle on the front with a handle that makes the unit easily maneuverable. The wagon contains the hydraulic power unit and an area for a portable gas generator. A rack in the back securely stores the C clamp, a standard 25′ hydraulic hose, and an electric power-supply cable.

The clamp is manufactured from T1 steel, cut into a C-shape with a steel tube welded to the front that securely holds the hydraulic cylinder. Pressing is easily performed with a 4×4 magnetized steel platen that holds and presses the truss connecter plates. The C-clamp that weighs less than 30 pounds, features a throat that opens to 4-1/2” inches to accept either 4 x 2 or 2 x 4 lumber. It has a push on and release off switch to cycle the unit. A 10,000-psi electric-over-hydraulic power unit pumps hydraulic fluid through a 10,000-psi hose to activate a 10-ton hydraulic cylinder with a 3.9 inch stroke. The unit can be powered by 120v electric power or an optional 120v, 2200-amp, gasoline powered generator, which can also act as a portable power supply out in the field for other single-phase equipment.

Pressing Capability: 4.5” throat opening presses 2×4 through 4×2, includes a standard 25-foot, HD 10,000 PSI hose, with a 10 TON, 4”x4” magnetized pressing plates

Electric/Hydraulic: SPX Hydraulic Technologies – Rockford, IL USA 10,000 PSI / 700 BAR. 10 ton pressing capability

Power Source: 110V Dual Power via outlet plug in and/or optional gas-powered inverter generator at an additional price. Optional generator is a Honda EB 2200i Industrial, inverter motor, manual start, GFCI Protected,120 VAC at an additional cost of $1,450.00.

Warranty: One year from date of purchase on manufactured unit, OEM warranties on hydraulic and gas motor.

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