ProStack Wall Panel Tilt In-Feed Conveyor



Solving the problem of missed fasteners on exterior sheathing remains one of the primary reasons for call back charges and exceptions noted during jobsite building inspections.  Clearly finding and resolving missed fasteners or “shiners” becomes mission critical before a sheathed wall panel leaves the production line. Our shop-proven, tilting conveyor makes the process safe, fast, and labor efficient.  The ProStack tilt in-feed safely lifts wall segments to 45º in 5 seconds for inspection and on to 75º for easy to reach repairs.  This tilt system is also excellent for installing blocking , windows, and other details in your wall panel segments.

System can tilt wall panels to approx. 75º for working access to install blocking, windows, or inspection/repair of “shiners” on sheathed wall segments. System utilizes hydraulic power from an existing ProStack wall panel auto-stack system.

Wall Length Max –16’

Wall Height Range– 8’ to 12’

Material 2×4’ through 2×8’

Total Weight Capacity – 1,200 lbs.

Electrical and manual safety redundancy

Pendant operator control

208v/3Ph electrical, no air required.

One year assembly warranty, OEM warranty on outside sourced elements.

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