New Hain Stud Drilling Station



The Hain Company’s new Stud Driller substantially reduces labor cost drilling studs for running romex or other electrical wire in wall panels. The Hain new Stud Driller can also be set up to drill units of studs of any size on-center or off-center.  2×4 through 2×12 studs, jacks, trimmers, etc. can be drilled almost instantly in bulk or just-in-time then installed in wall panels, saving man hours of labor drilling by hand, risking bone braking force, in confined cumbersome unsafe spaces.

The operation is simple:  after installation, easily self-installed, the operator activates the air switch then the motor start button.  Once activated, the operator simply inserts a stud into the funnel shaped opening.  The stud activates the drilling cycle, then ejects the board.  All this in a 2 second cycle time.

When the cycle is initiated by the board being inserted in the machine a rapid pneumatic sequence double clamps the board at the same time the 5 hp motor drives a dual-wing ¾” carbide-tipped router bit at 3,600 RPM  through the board the cutter is retracted board is unclamped the escapement cylinder ejects the drilled board in 2 seconds letting the operator know the process is complete.

The hole is ¾” diameter but can be larger or smaller as required.  It is set at 17 inches from the end of the board, meeting most code requirements.

The machine is heavy steel jig weldment  for repeatability built to the highest standards and trouble free enclosed for safety and all removable covers are 10 gauge (1/8″ thick), #5052 aircraft aluminum that are removable for maintenance.  Motor carriage bearing and  spindle assembly mounted on Blanchard ground steel plate.  Frame is 2 inch steel with a powder coat finish.  Linear motion is hardened and ground V bearings and rails.  220 or 440 volt, 3 phase electrical is required.  100 PSI air at 10 CFM air required.  Height – 60 inches, Width – 60 inches, Depth – 33 inches.  Shipping weight 750 lbs. (Including crate). See video & brochure below:

Hain Stud Driller Brochure


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