Builders Automation Machinery (BAM)

Builders Automation Machinery Company (BAM) builds and installs the finest and most versatile automated equipment available for producing pre-hung doors and prefabricated stairs.  Both product lines are engineered to be modular, so you can start with a basic machine and add options as your business grows.  The product line includes: 

  • CNC stair machines.
  • Wedge cutting stations.
  • Pre-hung door assembly machines.
  • Related stair, door and sash machines.
  • Peripheral machine options.
  • Custom machinery.
  • Installation services.

BAM also provides custom machinery and parts services out of their Largo, FL location.  They can be commissioned to disassemble, install and re-manufacture door and stair equipment.  BAM has been providing door and stair equipment for over 25 years. 


Equipment for sale:

BAM “Ovation” Door Machining Center (DMC)

Price Based on Configuration New Builders Automation Machinery “Ovation” series, door machining center (DMC).  Fully programmable, two-stage door machine featuring (27) axes of operation.   Can be specified with either…

BAM Pre-Hung Door Machine, Titan Series

Call for Pricing New, Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) Titan series pre-hung door machine. Designed to produce between 150 and 250 doors per day. Multi-function door machine capable of doors 1′-6″…

BAM Pre-Hung Door Ball Catch Drilling Station

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery, Ball Catch Drilling Station. This machine accurately drills the hole to receive the drive-in ball catch strike plate. Ball catch door hardware is generally…

BAM Pre-Hung Door Assembly Table Model 1296 / TS

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery, model 1296/TS pre-hung door assembly table, allows for accurate and efficient fastening of the door frame header to the strike and hinge jambs. For…

BAM Pre-Hung Door Machine Model 996 E / TS

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) pre-hung door machine with bi-lingual touch-screen controls, 2017 Model 996E / TS, designed for between 200 and 400 doors per day. Processes 6′-8″,…

BAM Staircase Assembly Clamp

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) staircase assembly clamp, model 2210, accommodates up to 20 foot long stringers with a maximum width of 54″. Air cylinder clamping holds stringers,…

BAM Stair Wedge Saw

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) model 2220, stair wedge saw station automatically produces wood wedges used to lock stair treads and risers into slots cut into the stair…

BAM CNC Stair Stringer Router Model CNC/MFSR

Call for Pricing Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) model CNC/MFSR stair router. Five-axis, servo-driven machine does contemporary, box and open stairs, angled risers, with staircase angles from 19.6 to 45 degrees,…