BAM Door Loader, Model 2001

Price based on configuration


Price based on configuration

Builders Automation Machinery (BAM) door loader, model 2001.  Allows you to stack door slabs horizontally and feeds them into a horizontal door machine like the BAM model 996E-TS. Mechanically adjusts door stack height vertically as slabs are fed into machine.  Clamp automatically adjusts to type and size of door slab:  steel, solid-core or hollow-core, from 6-ft to 8-ft heights.  Electronic, programmed controller manages the loading process.  Loader positions the door stacks adjacent to the door machine infeed to save effort of the operator.  Pneumatic motor and heavy-duty drive train provide dependable continuous use.  Cycle time approximately (30) seconds per loaded door slab.

Footprint approx. 10′ x 10′ x 11′.  Weight 2,000 lbs.  120 volt, 1 phase, 15 Amp electrical required.  120 PSI at 20 CFM (1/2″ ID line min.) air required.

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