BAM “Ovation” Door Machining Center (DMC)

Price based on configuration


Price Based on Configuration

New Builders Automation Machinery “Ovation” series, door machining center (DMC).  Fully programmable, two-stage door machine featuring (27) axes of operation.   Can be specified with either two or four front machining heads.  Machine is side-eject, direct-drive with helical gear racks and gear protection from dust.  The door loader is driven by an absolute encoder;  no stepping motors, belts or exposed ball screws are used.

First stage capabilities include routing for 3″, 3 1/2″, 4″ or 4 1/2″ hinge sets, programmable for any variations on door widths from 1′-2″ to 4′-0″, heights to 10′-0″.  Reveals can be changed on-the-fly, and hinge locations and corner radii are programmable.   Performs both 3-degree or square-to-face hinge routing.  Includes (8) hinge routers:  four 1 1/4″ dia. & four 1/2″ dia for 5/8″ radii or 1/4″ radii hinge pocket corners, (4) drill motors for single-point flexibility of hole patterns,  (4) gang-drill motors for speed, (4) 3 1/2″ hingee   applicators with dual bolt feed for flip-of-switch screw color changes.  Siemens components are featured for their durable, long life.

Second stage capabilities include 1/2″ pocket cuts, door-pull or finger-pull on hinge-pin-side of door, multiple programmable locations for face work, programmable edge prep interpolates latch and lock bore  holes without chip out or break out of extra material.  Edge prep also allows for multiple depths of cuts, multi-point locks and deep-pocket locks.  Edge prep machining for up to 110.5″ of door edge travel on doors below 3′-2″ in width and up to 98.5″ on doors 3′-4″ and wider.  See videos below.

Optional equipment includes door handling station with automatic advancement of the next door pallet when emptied, holds two pallets of (40) doors each, completely electro/mechanical (no pneumatics).  Bar-code capable for feeding each door slab’s specifications to the Ovation DMC touchscreen, so variables are automatically set as door slab loads into machine.



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