Monet DeSauw

Monet DeSauw is an independent manufacturing company that provides the structural component industry with fast, high-quality saws and material handling equipment. The computerized models are the only saws in the industry that have the option to run in “manual” mode. The complete line of Monet models include:

  • DeRobo Linear Saw: optimizing linear saw with 2-board stacking capabilities.
  • DeSawyer ES: servo-controlled, computerized/networkable component saw.
  • DeSawyer 2000: computerized/networkable component saw.
  • B500 XEL: touchscreen operated component saw.
  • B500: push-button with digital readout version of the B500 XEL component saw.
  • FWA500: magazine fed, floor web saw.
  • FWA500 AC:  automated magazine fed, floor web saw.
  • Power Deck: lumber infeed conveyor for any component saw.
  • B300 specialty saws:  specially designed computerized or manual saws.
  • Scrap inclines.
  • Idler and powered roller conveyors.

Monet DeSauw was founded in 1992 in Fulton, Missouri. The DeSauw products evolved from the ever-popular DePauw component saw manufactured in the 1970’s. With the help of Art DePauw himself, Monet was able to continue the tradition of well-made equipment with strong customer support.  Today the quality, innovation, and the industry’s best customer support comes standard with every saw.

Wood Truss Systems, Inc. (765) 751-9990

Jay Halteman: (765) 744-1516

Joe Halteman: (765) 748-0332

Jim Mavrakes: (817) 291-4999


Equipment for sale:

New Monet DeSawyer ESC (Servo Controlled) Component Saw

Monet DeSauw model Desawyer ESC enhanced servo-controlled ( ESC) component saw with touch screen user interface with backup mechanical controls. Includes three operating modes: Auto (download setups from LAN or…

New Monet FWA 500 CA Automated Floor Web Saw

In answer to the demands of high-volume customers comes the Monet DeSauw FWA 500 CA (Automated Controls) floor web saw. The 500 CA is perfect for component manufacturers who routinely…

New Monet DeWall Linear Saw

Base Price   Monet DeWall 90/90 wall panel marking saw is a computer numeric controlled wall panel saw with touch screen user interface. Cuts and marks up to two boards…

New Monet DeRobo Linear Saw

Now with over 15 years of development, the proven next generation DeRobo linear saw by Monet organizes “fill” boards to increase optimization of each board, can produce unlimited scarf cuts,…

New Monet Power Deck Infeed Decks

Heavy-duty, 5-chain feed system to bring material to the infeed of the component saw. 16′ wide x 20′ long x 36″ high. Transfers 6′ to 20′ lumber lengths. Option for…