New Monet DeSawyer ESC (Servo Controlled) Component Saw



Monet DeSauw model Desawyer ESC enhanced servo-controlled ( ESC) component saw with touch screen user interface with backup mechanical controls. Includes three operating modes: Auto (download setups from LAN or USB), Semi-auto (touch screen setup entry), and Manual (backup push-button switches for powering all movements). Includes over-travel protection, comprehensive setup screens, auto sequencing, auto-calibration and pneumatic brakes on all five () blades.  One (1) 30” blade and four (4) 16” blades. Manual cut limits are 18” min., 11” min. square edge blocks, 20’ max cut. Belt under-saw waste conveyor. Voltage: 480 volt/3 phase/60 Amp. Air: 50 PSI at 5 CFM. One-year warranty included.

Can be paired with a model PD-6 lumber feed system at an additional cost.  Heavy duty 80 RIV chain feed system. 16’ wide x 20’ long x 36” deck height. Transfers 3’ to 20’ lumber.  Includes auto-feed control, foot pedal override, forward & reverse, variable speed control with HD double-bearing construction.

Other additional-cost options include, inkjet marking, label printing, backside screen display, spare blades and incline scrap conveyor.

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