New Monet FWA 500 CA Automated Floor Web Saw

Price based on configuration


In answer to the demands of high-volume customers comes the Monet DeSauw FWA 500 CA (Automated Controls) floor web saw. The 500 CA is perfect for component manufacturers who routinely run floor trusses in high volumes with variable web geometry. Another primary feature is enhanced safety through automation which eliminates the need to open the saw motor cabinets other than for periodic service. The 500 CA includes automation for all blades, including the fixed cut-off blade for minimal waste. Lumber infeed speed is variable up to sixty (60) boards per minute, while the powered carriage utilizes rack and pinion drive with airlock for set accuracy throughout the production run. Your operator will easily download batches to the 500 CA saw from your design software via an ethernet connection to a MS Windows 10 industrial PC with a 17″ monitor housed in a stand-alone console. If you frequently batch floor web cutting, and if enhanced safety with increased productivity are a concern, then an automated Monet FWA 500 CA may be the right selection for you.

Integrated console for HMI with 17 in monitor, Windows 10 o/s, ethernet comm & e-stop.  Backup mechanical indicators, magazine lumber feed (6×2 max, 4×2 board orientation only), 5 blades: (4) internal blades and (1)  external cut-off blade, 14 in. minimum cut length capacity, 8 in. minimum square edge block length capacity, 4 ft. maximum board length.  Belt under-saw waste conveyor. 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 Amp electrical required.  40 PSI air required.


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