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The Hundegger Turbo Drive II saw is a fast, accurate, and versatile fully automated linear saw specifically designed to cut structural component parts.  Hundegger continues to stretch the cutting capabilities of our industry by providing a single saw with options that can perform basic drilling, milling, and printing operations in addition to 5-axis cutting. The Turbo Drive saw blade is able to move below the zero line and to a 90° bevel, making it possible to cut horizontal and at an angle.

The Turbo Drive II’s features and benefits include:

  • Up to 4-board lumber stacking: more lumber cut in less time.
  • Capable of cutting lumber, wood I-beams, or engineered lumber:  versatility for your plant and customers.
  • Capable of cutting stair stringers, arches, and another products to serve your customers.
  • Zero line or 90 degree bevel cutting: able to scarf or valley cut along the horizontal plane.
  • Option for two different types of millwork attachments: can mill recesses or profiles on single or stacked boards.
  • Options for inkjet, or label marking:  keeps all that cutting better organized.
  • Option for bar coding: allows you to digitally trace the cutting and finished products.
  • Data transfer from design software to the Turbo Drive II: easy and accurate control of the cutting.
  • Free software upgrades: keeping your saw up to date and efficient.
  • Board Stretcher technology: boards are cut faster with less blade movements and less waste.

Call us to find out more about this world-class linear saw, and why so many wood component manufacturers around the world have chosen a Hundegger saw over all the rest.

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