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New Hundegger Turbo Drive II Saw


Nicely Equipped

The Hundegger Turbo Drive II saw is a fast, accurate and versatile fully automated linear saw specifically designed to cut structural component parts. Hundegger continues to stretch the cutting capabilities of our industry by providing a single saw with options that can perform basic drilling, milling and printing operations in addition to 5-axis cutting. The Turbo Drive II’s features and benefits include: up to 4-board lumber stacking, capable of cutting lumber, wood I-beams or engineered lumber, capable of cutting stair stringers, able to scarf or valley cut along the horizontal plane, option for two different types of millwork attachments: can mill recesses or profiles on single or stacked boards, options for inkjet, pen or label marking, option for bar coding, data transfer from design software to the saw, wireless and server connected networking, performance reports, free software upgrades and the use of optimizing technology: boards are cut faster with less blade movements and less waste. 480 volt, 3 phase, 63 Amp electrical required for the saw. 120 volt 1 phase, 20 Amp electrical required for computer. 135 PSI @ 25 CFM air required.

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