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Developed for commercial wall panel production facilities this is the remarkable ProStack, fully automated wall panel stacker.  The ProStack relieves your build team from creating a stack of wall panels and keeps them building walls instead.  Stacks 2×4 through 2×8 walls up to 20′ in length and up to 12 feet in height.  The ProStack automatically centers each layer including multiple wall segments on the same layer, and the ability to “create” fork lift pockets for ease of loading in your yard or on the build site.  It can stack left, right or center-justified.  Designed without any overhead frame or apparatus, so no crane inspections are required.  The ProStack is “event driven”, so there is no need to read a file.  See the video shown below.  208 volt, 3 phase, 43 Amp base model electrical required.  No air required.  Footprint is 26′-5″L  x 19′-3″W.
ProStack II can operate with your existing powered conveyors or select optional matching conveyors:
ProStack Wall Panel Tilt Infeed Conveyor:
System can tilt wall panels (12’W x 16’L) to approx. 75º for working access to install blocking, windows, or inspection/repair of “shiners” on sheathed wall segments. System utilizes hydraulic power from an existing ProStack wall panel auto-stack system. 208 volt, 3 phase, 52 Amp  
Powered Infeed

Conveyor section, Chain drive under top and bottom plate for access to inspect sheathing fasteners – 12’W x 16’L, adjustable working height from 28” to 34”. 208 volt, 3 phase, 52 Amp  

Powered Out-Feed

Conveyor section, full-width, HD roll-top for easy access to banding operation. 12’W x 16’L, adjustable working height from 28” to 34”. 208 volt, 3 phase, 52 Amp  

Here are some of the features of the ProStack Wall Panel Stacker:
  • Wall Length Max – 16’
  • Wall Height Range – 8’ to 12’
  • Material 2×4″ through 2×8″
  • Total Weight capacity – 6,000 lbs.
  • Total stack Height Max – 6’
  • This unit stacks on-center
  • System is able to stack on-center layers that have multiple wall segments
  • Siemens® HMI touch-screen controls
  • Full manual override controls via HMI
  • Speed – 45-60 seconds per wall layer
  • NO overhead components = no overhead hazards or annual inspections

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