Safety Speed Manufacturing Model 7400 XL Panel Saw



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Safety Speed Manufacturing, model 7400 XL Our top recommendation is this industrial-grade vertical panel saw, a no-excuse saw ready for long hours of accurately cutting OSB, fiberglass reinforced sheathing, and virtually any other sheathing material specified.  The 7400 XL features a quiet 3 HP induction motor, 64 inch crosscut, 2 1/8″ maximum thickness, accuracy within 0.005 inches, 13 foot long welded steel frame with integrated stand and linear V-guides, enclosed counterweight system, adjustable vertical and horizontal rules. Quick changes from vertical to horizontal cutting. Includes machined aluminum material rollers, hold down bar, wheels, quick stop gauges and material hold downs. The 7400 XL is dust-collection-ready for easy connection.

Options available include digital readouts for vertical cuts, laser guide, stop bar, dust vacuum and midway fence. 230 volt, 7.6 Amp., 3 phase or optional 220 volt saw electrical, 11 Amp. single-phase power available at an additional charge. Shipping weight 1,228 lbs. 

In this tight labor market you may need a time-saving production asset. By adding an optional SAWGEAR™ (by Tiger Stop) to the Safety Speed 7400 or 7400XL Vertical Panel Saw you will gain the advantage of improving accuracy and overall job quality while reducing waste and rework. Simply enter a dimension on the keypad, and the optional SAWGEAR™ will move; slap your material against the stop and the cut can be made. The keypad stores up to 90 user-defined presets, and is simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to become a cutting pro in just minutes.  110  volt, 1 phase SAWGEAR™ electrical required.


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