Nick Linsmayer

A family-owned company known for innovation spanning 125 years and four generations, Villaume is proof that innovation is born from an essential combination of leading edge tools and the people behind them. Both are qualities President Nick Linsmayer values in Wood Truss Systems.

As the first wood truss supplier in the state of Minnesota in the 1960s, Villaume earned the “innovator” moniker they’ve become known for. The company’s partnership with Wood Truss Systems dates back to the 1970s when Bob Linsmayer (Villaume) and Bob Halteman (WTS) struck a business relationship that would extend to the next generation.

Soon after sons Nick Linsmayer and Jay Halteman took over for their fathers in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the relationship thrived at a time when Villaume was faced with a major transition. The problem: A period of sharp, steady growth in their wood truss business and a production facility without the capacity to meet it. The solution: WTS, led by Jay, brought his broad spectrum of equipment knowledge and ability to connect with innovators like Jerry Koskovich to help Villaume respond to the rising demand for wood truss components. Starting with the installation of the first Auto-Omni saw in 1985, and continuing with testing and honing automated cutting and jigging equipment in their facility over the years, Villaume has partnered with WTS to not only meet demand for new business, but evolve into a state-of-the-art manufacturing operation. The now 50-year-old relationship is stronger than ever, with one family-owned business providing solutions to another.

“I have a deep connection with Jay because the relationship is rooted in our families. Over the years Jay has consistently offered two things: problem solving and integrity. It’s an unbeatable combination. This industry is about people – getting to know them, sharing information with each other, and pushing the envelope together. Part of my journey with Jay is his continued passion for the newest edge. He always puts my best interest at heart.”