Terminailer Sub-Component & Header Nailing Station



Don’t just do it, nail it. It’s a brand new day in wall-panel production, with a whole new way of doing things better.  Terminailer®, a revolutionary, event-driven, nailing machine that completely defies any preconceived notions about sub-component assembly.

Terminailer all but shatters the stereotypical myth that sub-component equipment is essentially peripheral – unimportant. And it does so by quickly and accurately driving far more framing nails in your wall panel jobs than ever before. Whether in your shop or in the field, one operator sets the pace for production and quality. And that reduces labor costs and other aspects of overhead.

Terminailer is an event-driven, sub-component assembler that will quickly and accurately drive 30% to 70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job. In your shop or in the field, one operator sets the pace for production and quality. The Terminailer functions independent of design software, requires zero set-up time when switching between any configuration, and requires no special operator training.

The Terminailer is easy to move around the shop so it’s location can evolve as your shop evolves. With all of the nailing occurring in the closed main chamber, nail injuries and nail location miss-fires are eliminated, making your plant that much safer.

With nearly ten years of development from people that know machinery it is assembled to exacting standards, well supported, and it is easily maintained with shelf-item parts. Terminailer: vetted, tested, and ready to drive maximum productivity for you. Be sure to check out our videos below for a quick review of this revolutionary machine!

240 volt, 1-phase, 30 (full load) Amps, 60 Hz electrical required.  50 SCFM @ 120 PSI air required.  Net weight 7,000 lbs.

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