Safety Speed Manufacturing Gypsum Cutter



Base Price

Lose the dust and noise with the Safety Speed model VGC 515 cartridge cutting system for processing material such as DensGlass®, or other gypsum products. Easily process full sheets of gypsum wall panel sheathing of material in widths up to 64″. Fully portable, and with NO power or air required the VGC 515 is  dust and noise free to easily score gypsum material that rolls effortlessly to an integral edge used for breaking of scored material. Features blade cartridges for quick exchange in less than a minute, and uses off-the-shelf utility knife blades.  Includes two cutting/scoring cartridges, removable clamping bar, integral counter-weight, both left & right measuring tapes, wheels for portability, free-standing frame and 5-foot Quick Stop system for accurate, repetitive cutting.

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