SL-Laser Model ProDirector 7 Projection System

Price based on configuration

Pricing Based on Configuration

Improved model ProDirector 7, green-color laser projection system from SL-Laser. Projects roof truss, floor truss and wall panel design images accurately onto building surface for faster setup and fabrication times. New employees are productive more quickly, with less training required.  Each laser head provides 21′ projection length (at 15-foot ceiling heights).  New model PD7 projector heads are smaller in size than previous models, have diodes that are easier than ever to swap out and maintain, and project an even clearer line onto the building surface.

System includes projector heads, cables, mounting hardware for attachment to customer’s structure, factory installation, training, and options for computer controls. Works with each connector plate manufacturer’s design software. Modular nature of the laser heads allows for easy future expansion of system length. 120 volt, 1 phase.

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