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New Panels Plus Steel Sheathing Station

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New Panels Plus light gauge steel wall panel sheathing station, sheaths steel wall panels from 2 x 4″ to 2 x 8″, wall panel heights from 6′-0″ to 16′-0″ and wall panel lengths up to 20′-0″.  6′-0″ to 12′-0″ bridge model is also available.  Maximum wall-plus-sheathing total thickness 12.5 inches.  Includes squaring stops, multi-tool bridge with joy-stick and PLC controls.  Bridge includes (14) tool locations at 12″ on-center spacing, with custom-made tool mounts to fit customer-supplied screw tools.  Bridge rides on floor-mounted v-track.  Includes shift option for spacing of fastener application can be adjusted.  Clamping controlled by foot pedal and skatewheel ejectors  by push buttons.  Table height is 33″.  220 volt, 3 phase, 125 Amp electrical required.  60 CFM at 120 PSI air required.

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