2013 Monet DeRobo Linear Saw



Generation I computer numeric controlled linear saw with touch screen user interface and two operating modes: auto (download setups from, LAN or diskette) or semi-auto (touch screen setup entry). Configured for roof truss parts, and manually fed boards.  Includes computer and PLC (programmable logic controlled) for blade settings, over-travel protection, setup screens. Features 22” x 40 tooth blade on PAE, making plunge cuts. Can cut up to 2 boards at once to produce webs, chords and wedges. Servo position on in-feed, angle, and out-feed pusher. Lumber optimization program standard, 20ft. max. material length. Includes Matthews DOD 8400 Ink-Jet marking on up to two (2) 1 1/2″ edges, and includes all available spare parts. Voltage 480/3/60 – 60 Amp electrical required, 100 psi air required.

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