House of Design

House of Design provides automated material delivery machinery to the wood component industry.  They can provide flexible solutions that work with your new or existing assembly equipment, and the modular nature of their stations allows for increasing levels of automation that can be added when you’re ready.  Their products for roof or floor trusses include:

  • Pre-plating station
  • Plate picking station
  • Buffer (conveyor) systems
  • Automated piece placement
  • Custom automation applications, including robotics

They also provide wood wall framing automation that includes:

  • Framing stations
  • Sheathing prep stations
  • Sheathing stations

House of Design is available to review both your needs and your existing equipment in order to provide you with automation that improves your operation.

Wood Truss Systems, Inc. (765) 751-9990

Jay Halteman: (765) 744-1516

Joe Halteman: (765) 748-0332

Jim Mavrakes: (817) 291-4999

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