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Triad Gen-II 10 Ft Height Wall Panel Line


Triad interior/exterior wall framing system includes: Triad layout table with air and power outlets, Gen-II 10′ x 16′ framing table model G2-F, with stud locators, and tool dollies including Senco SN-70 stick nailer guns,  Gen-II 10′ x 16′ squaring table model G2-SQ, with powered router bridge model RB, with Porter-Cable HD router, and Gen -II 10′ x 16′ sheathing table model G2-SH, with stapler bridge model PS with Senco staple guns. Stapler bridge is powered and includes space fire, laser guide, stitcher guns, and tool shift. System also includes Triad CN4 sub-component nailer model CN-4.  120v electrical and 100 psi air required.

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