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New Spida Wall Extruder Panel Assembly System

Price based on configuration


Price Based on configuration

The concept of the Spida Extruder is to bring materials to a central location as the product is extended or “extruded” to create the framed wall panel. A single operator in one central location, feeds the studs and sub-components in-between the plates, while the Extruder does the nailing. The Extruder features (4) servo-controlled, indexing, bracket-mounted tools that can be coil or stick fed, hands-free clamping of plates and is adjustable for wall heights starting from 5’-11”, with options to build walls to 12‘-3”, from 2×4″ to 2×8″ lumber.

An option is available to add an intermediate tool mount, for fastening blocking between studs, a notoriously slow process in wall panelization that usually reduces production. The Extruder design makes this connection much easier for the operator, keeping your wall production high.

The support stations are adjacent to the Extruder and operators at those stations build the sub-component openings, sub-assemblies (like ladders) which are conveyed to the central operator’s station, where they are dropped and nailed into the panel in sequence.

Conveyors and transfer tables of various configurations are used to bring the parts to the Extruder. Each design takes advantage of curved or raised conveyors to efficiently bring materials to the Extruder and fit within your plant’s material flow in the most efficient way possible.

Once the wall panel is framed, it proceeds by conveyor to a squaring station and a sheathing station for completion. Here too, the sheathing is fastened as the panel passes by the sheathing bridge with its’ (4) four, high-speed tools. There are options for router bridges and automated ply loading. The Spida Sheather is a fully automated, CNC machine that features touch screen controls and tilt nailing at seams.

Over ten years in development and use in Australia and Asia, there are now several locations using the Extruder here in north America. A typical system installs efficiently and easily, thanks to the modular, “plug-and-play” design of the Spida wall equipment. 120 volt, 1 phase, 15 Amp electrical required and 110 PSI air @ 6 CFM required for each Extruder and Sheather station.

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