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New Spida Vertical Roof Truss Stackers

Price based on configuration


Price:  Based on configuration

New vertical roof truss stackers by Spida, up to nine pedestals to handle 12’ up to 120’ long spans.  Trusses travel along the conveyor until they hit the striker plate which starts the stacking cycle.  Controlled with radio frequency controls, sensors, and/or touchscreens (with on-screen diagnostics)  Can be set up for multiple stacks of trusses inline (on the same side), or opposing sides of conveyor.  Features retracting vertical stack arms, manual or automated operation, sealed bearings, 4″ drive tubing and e-stop interlock for finish roller.  

Optional conveyors are 6 5/8″ diameter x 14 feet long each, with 1″ diameter shafts, (4) baffles and flanged bearings, adjustable in height from 31″ to 35″.  Nominal 5 foot on-center spacing or mounted on beds for further safety or gravel installation.  Powered conveyor rolls  feature 1/4 HP gear motors.  Spida conveyor control panel provides overload protection and forward/reverse starters.  460 volt, 3 phase electrical.  Other voltages available as options.

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