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New Spida Table Guided Roof Truss Gantry

Price based on configuration


Price Based on configuration

New table-guided (NO rail) gantry system by Spida, side-eject or end-eject options, with continuous production tables built to length.  Available in steel, plastic or combination table top options. 24″ diameter gantry heads feature raised operator platform, heavy-duty steel roll with 4″ shaft, baffles and heavy-duty spherical bearings, dual 7.5 HP braking gear motors for a total of 15 HP, easy adjusting bogie wheel assemblies, safety bars, Wampfler “finger safe”, under-table-mounted electrical supply and optional soft start drive.  Spida can provide the combination of powered transfer rolls, sloping ejectors, receivers, idler conveyors and powered conveyors required to meet your configuration needs.  Can be configured with Spida’s automated jigging system.  440 volt, 3 phase electrical.  Other voltages available.

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