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New Spida Sprint M600 Linear Saw



Base Price

New Spida model Sprint M600 linear saw for wall panel component cutting and marking system, from square cuts to 140 degree angles with cutting profile of up to 3″ x 16″ at 90 degrees, 2″ x 14″ at 45 degrees.  Features Inkjet printing on the 1 1/2″ edge of boards, a completely enclosed hood over the cutting chamber for safety, with an automated saw stroke and the material stop has accuracy to within approximately 0.02 inches.  Includes touch screen operation with software optimization on a per-panel, per-job or operator’s choice basis.  Automates measurement of component length and marking.  Prints sub-component locations with labels and panel IDs.  Includes 20 foot long plastic top infeed and outfeed tables.  230/460 volt, 3 phase electric required at saw, 110 volt, 1 phase electric required for computer.  116 PSI air required.

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