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New Spida Floor Truss Finish Press


New Spida floor truss finish roller press, four-foot wide (other widths available) x 3 1/2” tall throat. Use of this process speeds assembly and transports finished truss away from the production area, adds quality and peace of mind for your finished floor trusses. The unique “uni-body” construction creates a ridged machine that does a final press of the connector plates for complete embedment into lumber, saving wear on your floor assembly machine. 12” diameter rolls, 7 1/2 HP motor, 80# chain, 114 FPM speed, emergency photoelectric shut-off, chain and sprocket guards, integrated brake. Available options include: other roller widths, Heavy-Duty upgrade, gear motor drive, and soft start controls.  480 volt, 3 phase electrical.  Other voltages available. 90 PSI at 0.25 CFM air required.

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