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New L-M Equipment Verticut 2000 PET / Bunk Saw Station

Price based on configuration

The L-M Verticut 2000 is a true Precision End Trim (PET) saw that is capable of holding a 1/16th accuracy all day long.  Made in the USA, the V2k comes equipped with a 15 HP 460/230 volt High-E three phase TEFC motor driving a Double ended Premium “Stellite” inlaid saw bar with a spring loaded chain tensioner and an automatic oiler to lubricate the .404 pitch custom profile semi chisel saw chain.

Rather than a single pivot-point, the saw assembly is mounted on a mandrel box that is guided by cam followers on a steel frame that is raised and lowered by a hydraulic cylinder.  A console with the saw controls moves with the saw assembly along a track positioned using a manual “V” wheel geared drive or optional Hydraulic drive

The V2k is unlike other imported systems that are basically a Portable Yard Saw on a cutting rack with a best cutting accuracy of +/- 1/8″ (meaning up to ¼” accuracy variance between units of lumber). The V2k from L-M provides +/- 40 thousands, assuring consistent PET precision from unit to unit.

Another advantage L-M has over the competition is their commitment to personal service with unlimited phone assistance and technical help. Their team has traveled the country working on crosscut saws for many years and they know their equipment inside and out. L-M is a family-owned business that prides themselves in doing the job right and building long term relationship that is vital to their business: “Built to last as long as our customers since 1946”


2106-LMVerticut2k 20ft-STDPlan-1

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