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IBS Sub-Component Nailing Station


IBS Subcomponent Nailer produces corners, tees, beam pockets, L’s, triples, doubles and jacks.  Maximum lumber depth is 2×12″.  From the manufacturer’s literature, “Clamping force of 700 lbs. vertical and 2,000 lbs. horizontal…End squaring stop raises to ensure a flush start and retracts automatically after the first fastener is fired.  Nail angles can be adjusted for best results.  The controllable staggered nail pattern limits wood splitting…”.  Includes infeed & outfeed conveyor, 6 feet long each, (5) Bostitch model F33PT tools and any available mounts and spares.  Needs replacement on/off switch from front-bottom nail station.  120 volt, 1 phase electrical.  100 PSI (1/2″ air line with 3/8″ NPT) air required.


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