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2021 Panels Plus Wall Panel Assembly Equipment



Panels Plus Framing station, one station without tool carriages, for assembling wood wall panels up to 16′-0″ in length, 4′-0″ to 12′-4″ in height, includes stud locators, air clamping, sub-air tank, skate wheel ejectors and optional swing gates.  Consists of a framing table with squaring edge, stud locators, pop-up rollers, foot switch, push-button controls- stationary side, and a motorized telescoping side.  Includes optional UL certification.  10 CFM at 120 PSI air required.  110 volt, 1 phase electrical required.

Panels Plus Sub-component tables, one pair, one fixed and one adjustable table, each table 12 ft x 3′-6″ footprint with squaring edges on one long and one short side of one table with skate wheel ejectors, for sub-components up to 12′ long, 3′-6″ to 14′-0″ in height.  The tables are for building rough opening sections. They feature pop-up rollers, a squaring edge, and a manual telescoping side to easily adjust and set the wall height. The pop-up rollers make it easy to move product down the production line.  5 CFM at 120 PSI air required.

Panels Plus conveyors, three pairs of In-feed 10 ft long skate wheel conveyors with stands.

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