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2021 Panels Plus Tilt Table



2021 Panels Plus Tilt Table provides the ability to easily access all sides of the wall panel, including the backside. The table includes horizontal rollers, pneumatic lift cylinders, and a moveable control pedestal. The table pneumatically lifts the wall panel from lying flat to a 75-degree angle. Once the panel is rolled into the tilt table, it is clamped tightly in place and will stay secure when tilted, allowing for easy access to work on the backside of the wall to inspect the wall panel for “shiners” or install horizontal blocking, windows, etc. OEM Specifications:

Machine Length 18’-2”
Machine Width 12’-6”
Machine Height 8’-4”
Table Height 33”
Wall Length Up to 16’-0
Wall Height 6’-8” – 12’-4”
Electrical 120Vac/60Hz/15Amp
Air 15CFM @ 90-120 PSIG

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