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2020 Spida Apollo Manual Pull-Arm Saw


2020 Spida Apollo manual pull-arm saw, cuts angles from 10 to 170 degrees, cross-cut maximum depth of up to 6 inches, with scarf cuts of up to 36 inches long.  Saw features a 7.5 HP, 3 phase electric motor, with direct drive 18 inch diameter blade, composite cutting benchtop.  Featuring laser guide, variable stroke limiter, and SafeGrip hold down claw for safer cutting of small parts, tubular steel saw frame, to minimize flex when the saw is in use.  Also includes 40′ of roller-top conveyor that supports cutting material up to 20′, with dust extraction with a Gorilla 1.5 HP dust collection system.  Footprint of saw table is 67″ w  x 61″ deep.  230 / 460 volt, 3 phase electric required.

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