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2020 Panels Plus Sub-Component Tables

$10,250.00 $9,990.00
As New

Panels Plus Sub-Component Tables P+ sub-component tables are designed for building rough opening window and door components.  The component tables consist of two 144 x 42 inch tables.  There is a squaring edge along one side to help ensure a square component.  Components are manually loaded onto the table, laid out, and manually nailed.  After the component is complete, the skate wheel conveyors can be raised to roll the sub-component out onto skate wheel conveyors or into the framer.  Tables can also be used to build interior (unsheathed) walls. Two pair available, never used, new equipment, Priced per pair, two (2) pair available.  Photo of stacked tables are of these units, others are representative of the application.

Table Height   33”

Table Length   12’-0

Table Width Min    3-6”

Table Width Max   14-5”

Electrical   N/A

Air   5 CFM @ 90-120psi

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