2020 Panels Plus Sheathing Bridge




Panels Plus Single-Tool sheathing bridge with two stitcher tools. Rebuilt by OEM with warranty, fastens sheathing to exterior wall panels. Frame materials from 2×4″ through 2×10″, dimensional lumber. This rebuilt bridge will retrofit to an existing telescoping style table including model PP10519-2  from 2004-2008 and later model PP41000 produced through mid-2015. This rebuilt bridge features 2020 software revision level PP56040-N and includes a new Windows 10 touchscreen input.

Bridge:  The bridge is driven up and down the wall, on v-track, mounted to the stationary side of the table and on floor tracks on the telescoping side of the table, using a joystick.  To assist in positioning the bridge at each joist there is a laser pointer that projects a line on the wall where the fasteners will be inserted.  Includes auto-return feature that automatically returns the bridge back to the home position allowing the operator to start removing the wall section from the table, operator platform to stand on allowing him to move with the bridge.

Tool Carriage:  Tool carriage consists of one tool that traverses the wall inserting fasteners at a preset spacing.  Field and seam fastener patterns preset by touchscreen and can be switched on the fly via a button on the joystick. Tool tilts left or right for nailing along seams in the sheathing.

Plate Stitchers:  During the auto-return sequence the stitchers will automatically insert a fastener through the sheathing into the top and bottom plates at your chosen spacing.  Stitcher spacing is easily changed by touchscreen.

Warranty:  90 days from the installation date. Warranty covers parts and ground shipping only and does not include installation, air freight or other costs.