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2020 42′ NWH Trackless Floor Truss Gantry


New 2020 42′ trackless floor truss gantry that hasn’t been delivered to the seller and will ship directly from NWH in Michigan. The gantry features a 7′ wide gantry head with 24″ diameter rollers with 4 fully welded baffles. The gantry has a 10 HP motor and travels approximately 100 feet per minute. The table features heavy duty 3/4″ steel and has fully adjustable  clamping from 12 1/4″ to 24 1/4″. Does not include “A” side flip or “B” side pop up ejectors (both can be added by the OEM for an additional cost). Photos are representative only as the machine is still in production, lead time to finish as is: 6-8 weeks.

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