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2019 MiTek Ready Feed Infeed Deck

$24,990.00 $21,970.00

2019 MiTek Ready Feed infeed deck, 5-arm sloping infeed deck, 20 foot wide x 20 foot long, 3 HP motor, includes “auto advance” forward motion sensors, touch-bar forward & reverse controls, and alternate foot-pedal forward & reverse control.  Adjustable legs work with various saw infeed heights, steel plate between first three chains to allow feeding of smaller pieces without pieces falling through gaps.

From the OEM, “Decrease saw cutting time by providing a constant supply of lumber to the sawyer’s fingertips.  The system provides a buffer between the forklift operator and the sawyer.  The adjustable height allows the conveyor to be set above the height of the saw, enabling gravity to work to your advantage as lumber is fed into the saw.  This 20 foot system is able to support and move lumber from 4 foot to 20 foot long.”  230 volt, 3 phase electrical required.

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