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2018 Terminailer


2018 standard model Terminailer includes 10′ infeed conveyor, 10′ powered outfeed conveyor, pneumatic sweep-arm, (6) mounted Bostitch N80CB1 nail tools that shoot a generic 2,500 nail coil of 2 3/4″ or 2 7/8″ from .099 to .131 diamater nails. Can nail up to 6-ply 2×4 through 2×12 stud assemblies, header assemblies, L’s, U’s, stud-block-stud, and many other sub components.

Terminailer is an event-driven, sub-component assembler that will quickly and accurately drive 30% to 70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job. In your shop or in the field, one operator sets the pace for production and quality. The Terminailer functions independent of design software, requires zero set-up time when switching between any configuration, and requires no special operator training. The Terminailer is easy to move around the shop so it’s location can evolve as your shop evolves. With all of the nailing occurring in the closed main chamber, nail injuries and nail location miss-fires are eliminated, making your plant that much safer.

240v, single phase power. 120 PSI air required.

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