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2018 Spida Wall Extruder System


2018 Spida wall extruder features dual C&L indexing “stick” fed nail guns with one second cycle time (two guns pneumatically positioned per side). Comes with touch screen automation, dual automated 20′ pushers, 20′ plastic top conveyor table with aluminum frame and side rails, and adjustable wall height from 6′ to 12′ with anti-tip frame. Includes pop-up pins to hold “L” studs in place while nailing and hold staggered studs in place for nailing, pneumatic block clamps to hold blocks in place for hand nailing. With optional block-clamps on inner trolleys along with out-feed attachment for the extruder.

System includes the Spida stud extruder, which nails “L” and C” sub components together with single gun operation for flats and fire blocks. Includes adjustable nail spacing for 2×4 – 2×8 stud widths. Also includes curved stud delivery conveyor which delivers studs to the extruder operator through a 90 degree arc directly over the wall opening which reduces needed staging room. For major sub components, the system has roll-in transfer conveyors with chain driven conveyors that allows for staging of up to 4 components. Includes sub component assembly table for building wall and door openings with pneumatic cylinder to transfer finished assemblies onto the roll-in transfer conveyor.

Single phase 110v power, 120 psi air required, ready for OEM disassembly at buyer expense, U.S. customs and duty paid with no ocean freight, original net pricing US$333,517  CALL Jay for additional details: 765-744-1516

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