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2017 MiTek Blade Linear Saw with Ranger RT



MiTek Blade linear saw, model 89060-501 for processing up to 20′ length material from 2×3 through 2×12 lumber. The Blade includes a crooked lumber sensor (CLS), servo axis control including bevel cut capability, standard 16-valve face printer, and short horizontal waste conveyor.

System includes a 2017 Ranger RT, 65, 10 bay lumber retrieval system in an optional “TEE” configuration with 9 bays in front of the Blade feed-rail and 1 bay to the rear (current configuration features (4) Full-unit carts/(6) magazine carts). The Ranger features an integrated control system, 70 feet/minute vacuum pick-head, laser material scanner, and perimeter safety system. Cut material discharges to a skewed out feed-conveyor or an optional rear-facing discharge for delivering cut truss parts to an assembly-table (both conveyor set-ups included).  (1) spare blade included.  Currently in operation. Installation by the OEM is suggested.   230 volt, 3 phase electrical required.  110 PSI @ 50 CFM air required.

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