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2017 L-M Eqpt. Ltd. I-Cut-30 Precision Pack/Bunk Crosscut Saw


This system uses a heavy duty traveling saw carriage that moves along a rigid engineered stationary steel frame to cut full-units of Wood-I’s, custom length studs, and other structural components. ( 48x 52 x 30maximum package).This vertical style cutting system consistently achieves an accurate cut of +/-1/32″. With this system, the package of lumber is stationary on the structural steel frame, and the saw travels to the appropriate cut location indicated by a red laser.  Specifications include:  Saw Drive Assembly powered by a 15HP 220/460/575 3 Ph motor, 6″ DEP Stellite inlaid saw bar designed to create a forgiving drive when binding or pinching takes place. Automatic Bar/Chain Oiling System with a 3 Gallon reservoir. Take up assembly is used to tension the chain. A spring loaded idler wheel assembly ensures the chain will remain tight when heated, saw change takes only minutes with no tools required. Saw Carriage is a variable speed hydraulically controlled self cleaning drive system using high-tensile strength chain which eliminates stretching and sawdust packing. This vertical style saw bar drive assembly is mounted using linear bearings, which fully guides both ends of the saw bar to consistently maintain a precision cutting tolerance of +- 1/32”.  Electrical controls: NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, containing all necessary motor starters, relays and safety interlocks.  All major electrical components are Allen Bradley industrial standard. Limit switches are mounted to turn off the saw motor at the bottom of the cut. Hydraulic Controls: Are powered by a 2HP Electric motor, directly coupled to a pump, return filter, relief valves, hoses and fittings. A solenoid control valve is used to control the saw cut and give the operator hands-free cutting by the simple push of a button.  Hydraulic interlock valves are used as safety devices to prevent the carriage from moving while the cut is being performed.  Options include: Laser Light, Digital Bi-Directional Readout, H.D. Waste Conveyors, single point dust collection (ducting only, cyclone unit pictured not included)), high yield titanium carbide alloy saw bar.  This system also features a 2017 Double End-bump Rollcase as an integral part of package cutting. Hydraulically powered bed rollers are driven to pound the package of lumber against a reinforced steel face, to flush up one end, break loose frozen or stubborn packages, that either eliminates or reduces end trims. The bump is fabricated as one complete unit, to make installation convenient on an existing concrete slab. Heavy construction and back up supports, ensure a square and flush operation. Full manual and all available spare parts included. Available February 2022.


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