2017 L-M Double End-Bump Rollcase Station



2017 L-M Double End-Bump Rollcase.  This unit serves an integral part of precision package cutting. The heavy duty steel fabricated main frame of the Rollcase is assembled with 10 bed rolls, machined from 5″ steel pipe. All ten (10) rolls are driven together with RC80 roller chain. Back up rolls are also mounted on the main frame to align the package squarely to the bumping surfaces.  A hydraulic 40 gallon power unit delivering 20 GPM is used to power bed rollers that are driven to pound the package of lumber against a reinforced steel face, to flush up one end which either eliminates or reduces end trims. A variable speed drive allows for precision control during the bumping process.   Includes 15 HP electric motor, motor starter, strainer, relief valve, return filter and all available accessories at the hydraulic unit.  230/460 volt, 3 phase electric power required.  See the video and PDF linked below:


LM Bump Double 20 foot Plan & Elev


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