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2016 IN-4 MC-20 Hornet “Rabbit” Plate Saw with Marking


Hornet MC-20 features a Bosch 12” Glide miter saw with Hornet’s chop saw table, 20′ in-feed, 10′ out-feed OEM conveyors and Hornet’s “Rabbit”  length measure assembly with linear guide. From OEM’s literature, “Processes dimensional lumber and EWP. Capable of crosscutting a 2×12 header and angle cutting to +/- 50°. Up to 20′ material is automatically positioned via the exclusive “RABBIT”, a key component of the Hornet System, designed for years of maintenance-free service.  Features a 600 dpi ink-jet for ultimate level of detail and quality, allows placement of vast amounts of information at no cost in production speed with low repair and maintenance costs.  Input via a fully enclosed touch-screen interface that is compatible with all major design software via XML files output by virtually every wall design software  including Simpson, Eagle, Alpine and MiTek.  The Hornet system is able to parse the XML files for maximum information.”  110 volt, 1 phase electrical required for PC and chop saw.  Main photo is representative only and not of actual saw, red infeed deck shown in photo is not included.  See drawing in photo gallery for configuration.

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