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2009 (Circa) Koskovich Omni Miser II Bevel RTWF Linear Saw

$84,990.00 $19,990.00

Servo controlled angulation axis of movement for Roof Truss AND Wall Panel components (BEVEL, square & angle cuts). Complete with Matthews Ink jet printer on face and edge of board. Features OEM 20′ auto-deck that handles lumber 2×3 through 2×12 to 20’ long.  Includes pneumatically actuated, auto exit roller, out-feed table, vibrating trash pan, 5 HP, 3450 RPM arbor motor, and computer console. Spare parts include 3 blades, bevel motor, 4 power cables, 2 encoders,14 complete computer cards, 2 elevation brake assemblies, gripper motor, power supply, 2 amplifiers, spare rebuilt inkjet printer head, and all other available spare parts. 480v 3 phase power and 18 CFM at 125 PSI air required. Saw is currently under power and operational. Independent and group support available.

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