2008 Alpine PF90 Wall Panel Saw



2008 Alpine PF 90 wall panel cutting and marking system.  3.5″ x 12″ maximum cutting profile, Inkjet option, cuts to 16 ft long.  From the OEM’s literature, “Effortlessly handles two of the most critical and difficult processes in any wall panel operation – plate cutting and panel layout. At the rate of 1,000 linear feet per hour or more, uses data from the design software and accurately marks stud, cripple and jack locations, job and panel number, sub-component and window/door locations, and even sheathing locations on both top and bottom plates simultaneously with ink-jet printing. The PF 90 control system automatically pushes the lumber from the load position to each cut position and signals the saw to make the cut. Feed rate can be up to 7 feet per second, operator controlled. Cutting patterns, batch cutting and other information is stored in computer.”

The trolley servo motor needs repair.  Includes all available spare parts including reconditioned Lenze servos, belts, comm cable, bearings and spare blades.  240 volt, 3 phase electrical required.

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