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2007 Alpine X4 (CO)


2007 Alpine X4 linear saw, includes saw only.  From the OEM’s brochure, “..ability to cut one, two, three or four boards at the same time.  Will cut extremely long scarf cuts (60 inches or more).  Cuts standard truss parts from any lumber width”.  Cuts from 2×4″ through 2×12″ lumber.  Servo controls, self-diagnostics, small parts outfeed at front of saw and touch screen PC controls.  Material feeds from left to right.  Prints up to four (4) 1 1/2″ edges.  15 HP motor, 22″ carbide-tipped blade.  Includes all available manuals and spare linear bearings.  230 volt, 3 phase electrical.  10 CFM at 90 PSI air required.  Not in service.  Requires repair to actuator cylinder and drive.

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